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Federal Govt Information
Federal Campaign Contribution Info
Federal Tax and Spending Data
US House and Senate Votes

Tennessee State Govt Information
State Campaign Contribution Info
Govt Records Access & Sunshine Law
State Taxes
TN State Government
City and County Govt Information
City and County Taxes
Property Tax Owner Records
City Government Web Sites
County Government Web Sites
TN Political Columnists
Samples of Citizen Petitions
Tennessee Newspapers On-line
TN Talk Radio
Major Market TV Stations
Investigative Reporting Resources
TN Weather/Traffic Webcams
General Research
Taxpayer Friendly Organizations
Maps and Census Data
State Economic Data
Candidate Tax Pledges
Info and Legal Databases
Other Tennessee Taxpayer Groups
Background Research
Track TN Airline Flights

State Campaign and Candidate Disclosure Info
Tennessee Online Campaign Contribution Database - Started in 2004
PAC contributions to state candidates
2004 Lobbyists contributions to state candidates
Search for TN Lobbyists and Employers of Lobbyists - TN Ethics Commission
State Candidate Summaries for 2006 Contributions and Expenditures
Conflict of Interest Statements by Members of Tennessee General Assembly
TN Lobbyists
TN Registry of Election Finance
Lookup/Confirm TN Voter Registration
TN Governor's Cabinet Travel Expenses
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 1st Qtr 2007
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 2nd Qtr 2007
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 3rd Qtr 2007
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 4th Qtr 2007
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 1st Qtr 2008
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 2nd Qtr 2008
TN Senate Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 3rd Qtr 2008
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 1st Qtr 2007
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 2nd Qtr 2007
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 3rd Qtr 2007
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 4th Qtr 2007
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 1st Qtr 2008
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 2nd Qtr 2008
TN House Per Diem and Travel Reimbursement 3rd Qtr 2008
TN Ethics Commission
Disclosure Statements of TN Government Officials and Candidates
Lobbyist In-State Entertainment Events
TN State Election Commission
State Election Results
TN Dem and Repub Party Spending and Contribution Analysis
TN 527 Committees Spending and Contribution Analysis
CPI Study of State Lobbying
National Institute on Money in State Politics
National Non-profit Organizations Database
Tennessee Charitable Organizations Financial Reports
Labor Union Financial Reports
Union Membership Stats
TN Business and Corporation Search
Edgar-Corporate Informational Filings
Tennessee Charitable Organizations Financial Reports

Investigative Reporting Resources
Google News Tennessee Tax Search
Google News Tennessee Ethics Search
Power Reporting-Compilation of Research Links
Media Bistro
Journalism Jobs
Investigative Reporters Hot Stories
Reporters Committee Quick Links
Coalition of Journalists for Open Government
1st Amendment Center News
Depth Reporting - Great data sources blog
The Scoop
Watchdog Reporting
International Center for Journalism
Poynter Online
Political Analysis Web Sites
Newspaper Design Blog
Edgar-Corporate Informational Filings
Google Finance-Corporation Info
List of Companies barred from bidding on Federal Contracts
Organized Crime Web Links
FBI Public Corruption Website
Full Text Search of EDGAR SEC Corporation Filings Database
Find Physical Location of IP Address
Hard to find Digital Resources

Government Records Access and Sunshine Law
Simple instructions for requesting government records in Tennessee
TN Open Records Law Explained
TN Code Section on Sunshine Law - Open Meetings - Title 8, Chapter 44
TN Code Section on Public Records - Title 10, Chapter 7
Federal Freedom of Information Act
Investigative Reporters and Editors
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Center for Public Integrity
Tennessee Press Association
First Amendment Center
Coalition of Journalists for Open Government
Sunshine in Government Initiative
Tennessee Coalition for Open Government
Sunlight Foundation
National Freedom of Information Coalition
The Alliance for Taxpayer Access
Search Tennessee Court Opinions
Search Tennessee Attorney General Opinions
Example of a PRO SE (without a lawyer) court filing claiming violation of the Tennessee Open Records Law
Example of a PRO SE court filing asking to set aside pay raises because of improper meeting notification
Other Information sites
OpenCRS Reports - CRS = Congressional Research Service
UnivNorthTexas CRS Collection
US State Dept Reports
Government Docs
The Memory Hole
Black Vault Server
FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Open the Government
White House Tapes
Federal Government Databases
GPO Access Multi-Database Search
Congressional Record Search
Comprehensive Search for Federal Government: Google-like interface
TN Public Record Finder
Melissa Data-Public Records Databases
Search Systems-TN Public Data Databases
BlackBook Online

Maps and Census Data
County Voter Precinct Maps
Map of State Senate Districts
Map of State House Districts
Map of TN Congressional Districts
National Atlas Congressional District Maps
Census Bureau Map Resources
Very Nice ZIP Code Search Site
County Highway Maps
Tennessee Spatial Data Server
TN County Population and Census Information
2003 Tennessee Statistical Abstract
Tennessee Census Tract Maps
Data Cards on Tennessee Cities
State of Tennessee 2000 Census Data
Tennessee Property Assessment Ownership Maps
US Statistical Abstracts
Find County Name with Zip Code ot City Name
USGS National Map - Interactive
National Atlas Maps of Presidential Election Results
TerraServer - National Database of Aerial Photos and Maps

State Taxes
Governor's Budget
State Treasurer's Annual Report
State CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
TN Dept. of Revenue
TN Code Section on Copeland Cap. Title 9, Chapter 4, Part 52-03
Dept of Revenue Monthly Revenue Reports
Comptroller's Monthly Revenue Analysis
Searchable Database of All Tennessee State Employees and Salaries
Reports from Joint Committee on Finance
Census Bureau - Govt Finances Information
Tax Foundation Tax Data
Income Tax Rates in other states - TN has NO income tax
TN Code Section on Sunset Review of State Departments, Title 4, Chapter 29
2003 Tennessee Statistical Abstract
Audit Division of Comptroller
How they voted on the Income Tax-House vote from May 22, 2002
History of the Income Tax-Tennessee Historical Society
Article by prominent attorney disputing constitutionality of state income tax
1999 TN Attorney General opinion saying state income tax is constitutional
TN Taxpayer Bill of Rights Whitepaper: The time is right for a Tennessee Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Reason Foundation Report on Privatization of Government Services

City and County Taxes
Nashville/Memphis/Knoxville/Chattanooga City/County Budget Info
Nashville/Davidson County
Shelby County
City of Knoxville
Knox County
City of Chattanooga
Hamilton County
General City/County Information
Property Tax Rate and Assessment Information for all Counties/Cities-Current and Historical
County Annual Financial Reports
County Revenue Expenditure History
2005 CTAS County Tax Stats (Large 17 meg PDF file)
CTAS County Financial Info Links
Charters and Ordinances for major TN Cities and Counties
Spring Hill Tennessee Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Wheel Tax Rates by County
Local Option Sales Tax Rates Listed and Explained
Complete List of City Local Option Sales Taxes from State Dept of Revenue
Education Stats and Expenditures-State and County
US Education Finance Statistics for all US districts
Census Bureau - Govt Finances Information
County Audit Reports
City Audit Reports
List of all TN School Districts
List of all Public and Private Schools in TN
Map of all Public and Private Schools in US
List of all County Clerks.
List of all County Property Assessors and Trustees
County Histories
List of all County Election Commissions
Municipal Technical Advisory Service
County Technical Advisory Service
Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Tennessee Municipal League
TN Counties Association
TN County Attorneys Association
Association of Tennessee Valley Governments
TN County Officials Assocation
TN Association of Assessing Officers
TN County Highway Officials Association
TN Association of County Election Officials
TN Sheriffs Assocation
TN School Boards Assocation
TN Institute for Public Service
National Association of Counties
National League of Cities
Tennessee Registers (of Deeds-Assessors) Association
Tennessee County Trustee Association
Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Recorders
Tennessee City Management Association
Local Government Corporation
TN Municipal Attorneys Association
TN Chapter American Public Works Association
TN Government Finance Officers Association
TN Association Housing/Redevelopment Officials TN Building Officials
TN Fire Chiefs Association
TN Association of Chiefs of Police
TN Recreation and Parks Association
TN Chapter, American Planning Association
TN Personnel Management Association
TN Association of Public Purchasing
TN Section, Institute of Transportation Engineers
TN Public Transportation Association
TN Fire Safety Inspectors Association
TN Municipal Judges Conference

Samples of Citizen Petitions
Giles Cnty Petition to implement a County Financial Management System per Tennesssee Code Annotated 5-21-126
Wheel Tax Petition used in Carroll County
Carter County Petition to Repeal the Local Option Sales Tax
Roane County Petition calling for a referendum on jail construction bonds
Memphis Petition calling for Charter Commission Election
Metro Nashville Let the People Vote on Property Taxes Charter Amendment Petition
Metro Nashville Term Limits Charter Amendment Petition
Anderson County Petition to raise sales tax for County Schools
City of Kingston Mayor and Council Recall Petition
Petition for Ouster of Coopertown Mayor
Writ of Ouster for Coopertown Mayor by District Attorney
Oak Ridge Petition asking for a referendum on Shopping Center Bonds
Petition for Metropolitian Government Sullivan County
Petition to amend the Shelby County Charter to preserve five Constitutional offices
Petition Information and Support Material
Wheel Tax - TN Code Section Title 5, Chapter 8, Part 1-02
TN Code section on Repealing Local Option Sales Tax Title 67, Chapter 6, Part 7-09
Stop the Wheel Tax Increase Sign 1 - Can be blown up to any size at Kinkos or any copy shop
Stop the Wheel Tax Increase Sign 2 - Can be blown up to any size at Kinkos or any copy shop

TN State Government
TN General Assembly
TN House of Representatives Contact Information
TN Senate Contact Information
Index of Bills filed in TN General Assembly
Index of Chaptered Bills which have passed and become law
Tennessee Administrative Registry - Monthly Compilation of New State Rules and Regulations
Main State of TN Website
TCA-Tennessee Code Annotated-State Laws
TN Courts
Live Video for Senate Committees (only works with Internet Explorer)
Senate Video/Audio Archives (only works with Internet Explorer)
House Video and Archives

TN Political Blogs
Bill Hobbs
Mark Rose
Bob Krumm
Terry Frank
Main Street Journal
Tennessee Politics
Tennessee Political Pulse
Christian Grantham
Kay Brooks
Volunteer Voters
Rogers Post
Linda Noe
Tedds Tablet - Hardin Cnty
Giles Two Cents Worth - Giles Cnty
Michael Silence
Blake's Blog
Nashville Files
Pith in the Wind
Nashville is Talking
Voluntarily Conservative
Alpha Patriot
Moore Thoughts
State Rep. Stacey Campfield
Say Uncle
Tennessee Guerilla Women
Chattanooga Civic Forum
Team GOP Blog
Tennessee Conservative
Maury County Insider
Blog Lists
Memphis Blogs
Tennessee Bloggers
East TN Blogs
Political Blogs from each State
Tax Blogs
National Taxpayers Union Blog
Tax Foundation Blog
International Tax News
Tax Guru Blog
Roth CPA Tax Updates
Tax Law Professors Blog
Mauled Again
Taxable Talk
The People's Tax Lawyer
Economics Blogs
Americans for Prosperity-TABOR Group
Freedom and Prosperty
Marginal Revolution
Club for Growth
Cafe Hayek
Truck and Barter
Poor and Stupid
NewMarks Door
A Constrained View
Prof Gordon

Tennessee Political Columnists
Georgiana Vines
Larry Daughtrey
Frank Cagle
Pat Nolan
Jackson Baker
Tom Humphrey
Rick Locker
Sandra Clark
Betty Bean
Richard Powelson

Informational and Legal Databases
Search Tennessee Court Opinions
Search Tennessee Attorney General Opinions
TN Constitution and TCA-Tennessee Code Annotated-State Laws
TN Supreme Ct Law Library Online Catalog
Lexis/Nexis by Credit Card
United States Code
Federal Court Case Search
US District Court-West TN District
US District Court-Middle TN District
US District Court-East TN District
US Court of Appeals for the 6th District
Hamilton County Court Dockets
Davidson County - Circuit, Probate, General Sessions
Davidson County - Criminal
Davidson County - Inmates
Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County Charter and Ordinances
Shelby County Court and Criminal Justice Directory
Shelby County - Inmates
Federal Prison Inmate Locator
Public Record Retrieval Services
Public Record Vendors
Federal Government Databases
TN Public Data Databases
TN Public Record Finder
Melissa Data-Public Records Databases
TN State Library
Tennessee Felon Database
TN Meth Offenders Database
TN Sexual Offender Database
TN Missing Children Database
TN Out of State Probation and Parole Registry
TN Notary Database
Google Search of US Patents
TN Internet Crime Information Center
TN Business and Corporation Search
Medical Licensure Database
TN Business Trademarks
Search Business Sevice of Process
Phone Number Central Switch Location Lookup
Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture
Register to Vote
Farm Subsidy Database
Social Security Database of Deceased Persons
List of TN Public Libraries Online
Business References Online

Property Tax Owner Records
Tennessee Small County Property Owner Database
Shelby County Real Property Owners
Shelby County Online Property Owner Map Database
Shelby County Business Personal Property Search
Memphis Property Tax Payment Record
Shelby County Property Tax Payment Record
Davidson County Trustee Owner Search
Davidson County Property Owners-Assessor's Database
Knox County Property Owners
Rutherford County Online Property Owners Map Database
Hamilton County Property Owners
Zillow - National Home Valuation Database
Title Searcher for TN
US Title Search
Memphis Real Estate Info Broker
Online Interactive Property Maps
Davidson County Online Property Maps
Sumner County Online Property Maps (Internet Explorer Reqd)
Wilson County Online Property Maps (Internet Explorer Reqd)
Williamson County Online Property Maps
Montgomery County Online Property Maps
Cheatham County Online Property Maps
Robertson County Online Property Maps
Tipton County Online Property Maps
Bradley County Online Property Maps
Knox County Online Property Maps
Hamilton County Online Property Maps

Tennessee Newspapers On-line
Major Daily Newspaper Front Pages
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Commercial Appeal-Memphis
Daily News Journal
Jackson Sun
Johnson City Press
Knoxville News Sentinel
The Tennessean-Nashville
West TN
Benton County
Kentucky Lake Times
Camden Chronicle
Carroll County
Carroll County News-Leader
McKenzie Banner
Chester County
Chester County Independent
Dyer County
Dyersburg State Gazette
Fayette County
Fayette County Review
Gibson County
Milan Mirror Exchange
Humboldt Chronicle
Greene County
Greeneville Sun
Hardeman County
Bolivar Bulletin-Times
Hardin County
The Courier
Haywood County
Brownsville States Graphic
Henderson County
Henderson County News
Houston County
Erin Express News
Lake County
Lake County Banner
Madison County
Jackson Sun
McNary County
Independent Appeal
Obion County
Union City Messenger
Perry County
Buffalo River Review
Shelby County
Commercial Appeal
Memphis Flyer
Memphis Business
Memphis Business-Latest News
Memphis Daily News
Millington Star
Bartlett Express
Germantown News
Daily Helmsman-UM
Collierville Herald
Collierville Independent
La Prensa Latina
North Shelby Times
Tri-State Defender
Tipton County
Covington Leader
Weakley County
Weakley County Press
Dresden Enterprise

Middle TN
Bedford County
Shelbyville Times-Gazette
Cheatham County
Ashland City Times
South Cheatham Advocate
Coffee County
Manchester Times
Tullahoma News
The Saturday Independent
Davidson County
Nashville Scene
Nashville City Paper
Business TN
Nashville Post
Nashville Business Journal
Nashville Business-Latest News
WestView Online
La Campana
Decatur County
Decatur County Online
Dekalb County
Middle Tennessee Times
Smithville Review
The Village Advocate
Dickson County
Dickson Herald
Franklin County
Winchester Herald Chronicle
Giles County
Giles News
The Community Shopper
Henry County
Paris Post-Intelligencer
Henry County Standard
Henry Countian
Humphreys County
The News Democrat
Lawrence County
Lawrence County Advocate
Macon County
Macon County Times
Macon County Chronicle
Marshall County
Marshall County Tribune
Maury County
Columbia Daily Herald
Advertiser News
Montgomery County
Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle
Clarksville Online
Robertson County
Robertson County Times
Browser Connection
White House Watch
Rutherford County
Murfreesboro Daily News Journal
Murfreeboro Post
MTSU Sidelines
Eagleville Times
Pickett County
Pickett County Press
Sumner County
Gallatin News Examiner
Hendersonville Star News
Warren County
The Southern Standard
White County
Sparta Expositor
Williamson County
Williamson Hearld
Fairview Observer
Tennessean: Williamson County News
Franklin Review Appeal
Brentwood Life
Franklin Life
Spring Hill Informer
Wilson County
Wilson Post
Lebanon Democrat

East TN
Anderson County
Oak Ridger
Oak Ridge Observer
Inside Anderson County
Home Town Clinton
Blount County
Maryville Daily Times
Blount County Today
Blount County Voice
Bradley County
Cleveland Banner
People News
Bradley Weekly
HomeTown Cleveland
Campbell County
Lafollette Press
Carter County
Elizabethtown Star
Clairborne County
Clairborne Progress
Cocke County
Newport Plain Talk
Cumberland County
Crossville Chronicle
Grainger County
Grainger Today
Greene County
Greeneville Sun
Grundy County
Grundy County Herald
Cumberland View
Hamilton County
Chattanooga Times
Chattanooga Pulse
UTC Echo
Hawkins County
The Rogersville Review
Jefferson County
The Standard Banner
Johnson County
Mountain City
Knox County
Knoxville News Sentinel
Halls News
Knox Voice
Daily Beacon-UTK
Farragut Press
Fountain City Focus
Mundo Hispano
Lincoln County
Elk Valley Times
Loudon County
Loudon County Online
Marion County
Marion County News
McMinn County
McMinn County Online
Monroe County
Monroe County Online
Overton County
Overton County News
Livingston Enterprise
Putnam County
Cookeville Herald Citizen
Hilltop Express
Cumberland Business Journal
Upper Cumberland Daily News
Rhea County
Rhea Herald News
Roane County
Roane County News
Sevier County
The Mountain Press
Seymour Herald
Tennesseee Star Journal
Smith County
Carthage Courier
Sullivan County
Kingsport Times News
Kingsport Daily News
Bristol News
Tri-Cities Business Journal
Unicoi County
Erwin Record
The Valley Beautiful Beacon
Washington County
Johnson City Press
Herald and Tribune
Johnson City News and Neighbors
East Tennessee State Student Newspaper

Federal Campaign Contribution Information
Spending by TN Companies on Fed Lobbying
TN Business and Corporation Search
Federal Election Commission
Open Secrets
Open secrets Lobbying Database
Political Money Line
2005 PAC Receipts Totals
CPI Lobbying Info Center
Center for Public Integrity
Congressional Staffer salaries and Congressional Trip Cost Data
IRS Political Organization Disclosure
US Non-profit Organizations Database
Labor Union Financial Reports
Info and Research on Teacher Unions
Public Citizen Lobbyist Info Database
Influence Magazine on Lobbying Business
Lobbyist Search
Union Membership Stats
US Senate Lobbyist Disclosure Forms
Foreign Agents Registration Act Search
US House Clerk Public Disclosure Site
US House Members Financial Disclosure
US Senate Members Financial Disclosure
Search and Track Federal Legislaton

State Economic Data
UT Center for Business and Economic Research
MTSU Business and Economic Research Center
Tri-Cities Economic Stats
Middle TN Economic Data
2003 Tennessee Statistical Abstract
Data on Tennessee Cities
Building Permit Data
US Bureau of Labor Statistics-Tennessee Economy at a Glance
St Louis Fed - Fred II Economic Data
Economagic - Stats and Graphing
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Stats
US Economics and Statistics Administration
US Bureau of Economic Analysis

Federal Tax and Spending Data
US Govt Federal Spending Database
Private Federal Spending Database
Federal Procurement Data System
IRS Tax Stats
Tax Return Data by ZIP code
Congressional Budget Office
President's Office of Mgt and Budget
Joint Committee on Taxation
Treasury Dept Press Releases
All Federal Tax Forms in PDF format
OMB Earmarks Database
Census Bureau - Govt Finances Information
Census Bureau - Consolidated Federal Funds Report
Census Bureau - Federal Aid to States
Census Bureau - Federal Assistance Award Data
IRS Press Releases
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
Tax and Budget Polling from Polling Report
Gallup Tax Polling
AEI Tax Polling Summary

Tennessee Talk Radio
Steve Gill - WWTN - Nashville
Phil Valentine - WWTN - Nashville
Mark Christopher - WLAC - Nashville
The Voice - Lloyd Daugherty - East Tennessee
George Scott - WNWS - Jackson
Hallerin Hill - WNOX - Knoxville
The Morning Press - WGOW - Chattanooga
Mike Fleming - WREC - Memphis
Hank Bonecutter - WJZM - Clarksville
Talk Radio - WGNS - Murfreesboro
Talk Radio - WCMT - Martin
Talk Radio - WJCW - Johnson City
Joe Powell - WMTN - Morristown

City Governments with Web sites
Ashland City
Bean Station
East Ridge
Grand Junction
Jefferson City
Johnson City
Kingston Springs
La Grange
La Vergne
Lenoir City
Lookout Mountain
Mount Carmel
Mount Juliet
Mountain City
Oak Hill
Oak Ridge
Oliver Springs
Pigeon Forge
Pleasant View
Red Bank
Red Boiling Springs
Scotts Hill
Signal Mountain
South Fulton
Spring Hill
Thompson Station
White House

County Governments with Web sites

Major Market TV Stations

US House and Senate Votes
House Votes
Senate Votes
Washington Post Comprehensive database of US Senate and House Votes

Background Research
Pipl-Advanced People/Personal Info Search
Good Collection of People Finder Web Sites
ZabaSearch People Finder
Intelius People Finder
AnyWho Name and Address Search
KnowX Background Research
Docusearch Background Research
Verified Person
Social Security Number Validator
ZoomInfo Person and Company Search
Determine Locatation from Phone Number
Power Reporting-Compilation of Research Links
BlackBook Info-PI Investigator Links
Lexis/Nexis by Credit Card
PI Magazine Resource Links
Social Security Database of Deceased Persons
TN Business and Corporation Search
Tennessee AreaConnect Yellow Pages
Reverse Phone Number and Address Look-up
Edgar-Corporate Informational Filings
Corporate Annual Reports
Google Finance-Corporation Info

Candidate Tax Pledges
Americans for Tax Reform National Pledge
Metro Nashville Taxpayer Protection Pledge
TN State Income Tax Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Taxpayer Friendly Organizations
State Policy Network - Free Market, Low Tax Think Tanks
Bluegrass Institute - Kentucky Think Tank
Georgia Public Policy Foundation
John Locke Foundation - North Carolina Think Tank
Americans for Limited Government
Commonwealth Foundation - Pennsylvania Think Tank
Taxpayers League of Minnesota
Americans for Prosperity - promoting state Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Americans for Tax Reform
National Taxpayers Union
Ax the Tax-Florida
Heartland Institute
Heritage Foundation
Manhattan Institute
Club for Growth
Free Enterprise Fund
Tax Foundation
Citizens Against Government Waste
National Center for Policy Analysis
CATO Institute
Institute for Policy Innovation
American Legislative Exchange Council
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Oregon Watch Dog
No New Taxes Hawaii
Citizens for Limited Taxation-Mass
Iowans for Tax Relief
South Carolina Association of Taxpayers
Mackinac Center-Michigan
Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
Granite State Taxpayers
Portsmouth Taxpayers (New Hampshire)
Fulton County Taxpayers Association (Atlanta)

Other Tennessee Taxpayer Related Groups and Organizations
Tennessee Center for Policy Research
Libertarian Party of Tennessee
At Home in Dickson - Dickson Taxpayer Support
Sumner County Tax Watch
Memphis Watch Dog
Citizens for Home Rule - TN Anti-annexation group
Inside Memphis
Eye of the Fire - Anderson Cnty
Ted's Tablet - Ted Cook - Hardin County

Track Tennessee Arrivals and Departures
Chattanooga Airport Flight Tracking
Nashville Airport Flight Tracking
Memphis Airport Flight Tracking
Knoxville Airport Flight Tracking

Tennessee Traffic and Weather Cams
NOAA Radar and Weather
Nashville Weather Radar
Nashville Weather Forecast
Memphis Weather Radar
Memphis Weather Forecast
Chattanooga Weather Radar
Chattanooga Weather Forecast
Knoxville Weather Radar
Knoxville Weather Forecast
Traffic Cams
TDOT Knoxville Traffic Cams
TDOT Nashville Traffic Cams
TDOT Memphis Traffic Cams
TDOT Chattanooga Traffic Cams
Murfreesboro Traffic Cams with streaming video
City of Franklin Traffic Cams
Other TN Webcams
MyMemphis Fox Streaming Streaming video of Downtown Memphis
Sparta WebCam
Knoxville's Market Square
Univ TN Plaza Cam with streaming video
Gatlinburg Main Street Cam with streaming video
Graceland in Memphis Cams
Tri-Cities Airport WebCam
City of Oak Ridge Cams
East Brainerd (Near chattanooga)
Great Smoky Mtns Cam1
Great Smoky Mtns Cam2
NOAA Oak Ridge Cam
WeatherBug Cams Accross TN with Time lapse sequence
Nashville Channel 5 South
Nashville Channel 5 North
Nashville Channel 5 Vandy
Knoxville WATE
Knoxville WBIR
Memphis WMCTV Cam1
Memphis WMCTV Cam2
Chattanooga WRCB
Chattanooga Convention Center Webcam
Christian Brothers University Memphis Webcam
Vanderbilt University Webcams
Sewanee University Webcam - Streaming Video
WolfCam - Kingsport
Nashville Earthcam WebCam
Beale Street Memphis WebCam
Vanderbilt University WebCams
UT Knoxville Business School Renovation WebCams
AZO inc. 4445 Malone Rd Memphis, TN WebCam
UT Knxoville Computer Science Lab WebCam
Opentopia TN WebCams