Uses YOUR TAX money
to protect himself

The Nashville Scene is reporting in this article that the State of Tennessee DOT is pulling $160,000 of TAXPAYER FUNDED ads from TV Channel 5 in Nashville to punish them for airing a series of reports about corruption in the Sundquist administration. Here is a link to the Channel 5 reports.

The most chilling part of the story is that Art Victorine, the director of the department that made the decision, is reported in the article to be absolutely sincere in his belief that he can use taxpayer money to silence the press when they criticize Don Sundquist.

This is almost beyond belief. A public official who is paid by the taxpayers, spends taxpayer money and yet apparently belives his first allegiance is to Don Sundquist and not the citizens and taxpayers of Tennessee.

Here is the contact info for Mr. Victorine if you would like to express your opinion. It would be interesting to know how many other times Mr. Victorine and others in the Sundquist administration have used taxpayer money to protect Don Sundquist from what they believe to be "unfair" criticism.

Art Victorine, Director
Governor's Highway Safety Office
505 Deaderick St. Suite 1800
Nashville, TN 37243

Phone: (615) 741-2589
Fax: (615) 253-5523
email: Art.Victorine@state.tn.us