Metro Nashville Council Candidates
who have signed the Tennessee Tax Revolt 

Taxpayer Protection Pledge

At Large Candidates

Trey Rochford
Norma Hand
Jack Johnson
David Scott
Ellis Saad
Will Jones

District 3
Nathan Massey

District 6
Judy Bradshaw

District 7
Gail Pusey

District 11
Greg Gaines
Jerry Batson

District 12
Ron Hickman
Jim Gotto

District 14
Sarah Moore

District 27
Roy Black

District 28
Duane Dominy

Jason Alexander 
(Originally signed the pledge with enthusiasm 
but now is quoted in the Nashville Scene 
saying he WOULD vote for a tax increase.) 

District 29 
Dorrence Stovall

District 30 
BJ Brown

District 33
Sue Cooper

District 34
Tommy Jacobs