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News Tuesday March 19 -
STOP the Pole Tax
This IS a tax HIKE and we are asking OUR Representatives in the General Assembly to STOP it before it hits Tennesseans right in the Wallet

News Monday May 7, 2012 -
STOP Karl Dean's Huge Nashville Property Tax Hike

Join us Thursday May 7 at 7PM

In the Opryland area at 2416 Music Valley Drive (see Map Below)

PLEASE JOIN US ON Saturday and Stand with Gibson...get all the information at
Saturday Oct 8, 2-4PM at the Scoreboard Grill in the Opryland Hotel area. Location map at the website:

News Monday Oct 11, 2010 - How to Fight Local Tax Hikes in Tennessee and WIN!

News Thursday Sept 16, 2010 -

Join us Friday for a Constitution Day Tea Party in Nashville

Starting at 4:30PM until everyone goes home. Lots of Music, Great Scoreboard Grill Food and BBQ, Great speakers. Special Guest Ron Ramsey. Come at 4:30 or 5:30 or 6:30 or whenever but PLEASE join us as WE the People speak.
The Scoreboard Restaurant is across from Opryland, HERE is the map.

Event Notice
This coming Friday September 17th is Constitution Day.  This day marks the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787 and is recognized nationally as a Federal Observance Day. To honor this day, the Tennessee Tea Party, Tennessee Tax Revolt, Sumner United For Responsible Government (SURG), and 9/12 Project will be hosting a evening celebration.  We will have musical entertainment, speakers, & great food & drink. ***We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the hard work you have done in exercising your Constitutional rights over the months leading up to the primary elections in August. The coordinated efforts across the state by all Patriots were inspiring. However your experience may have been, we all worked hard and now deserve an evening of fun and frivolity with each other!  We also need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming general election and focus on those areas where we can all unite and make a difference. Where:   Scoreboard Bar & Grill (Where we had the Tea Party Express event)             2408 Music Valley Drive (Across for Opryland Hotel & Behind the Nashville Palace) 615-883-3866,   HERE is the map. When:     Friday September 17th from 4:30pm - till...              (Stop by after work before you head out to the ball game or other activities, or spend the evening              with us!) Moderator:  Ben Cunningham (Tax Revolt Tennessee) Guest Speakers:  Ken Marrero (Blue Collar Muse), Robert Kilmarx (Tennessee Tea Party, Tea Party Cooperative), Eric Stamper (SURG), Lee Douglas (9/12), and Jerry Anderson (Franklin County Tea Party). Special Guest Appearances:  Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey and Representative, Susan Lynn. (Other special guests may pop up and we will lend the stage to them.) Guest Musicians:  Bradley Ray Gudgeon (Eagle River Highway), Bruce Bellott, and Jerry Anderson. (We have some others that may be filtering in doing sit-in participation. Be prepared for some surprise appearances if they are available.) Video Presentation: Phil Valentine's "Tip of the Spear"

News Friday May 22, 2010 - This is the handout for the Tennessee Tax Revolt presentation at the Tennessee Tea Party Convention in Gatlinburg, TN this weekend, May 23-24. Please download, print the PDF, and distribute to anyone in Tennessee who would like to become more active in the taxing and spending decisions of their local government. Contact us if we can help.

News Monday May 17, 2010 -

Gibson County Wheel Tax Petition
Click HERE to Download

News Thursday April 7, 2010 -

Nashville Tax Day Tea Party
PLEASE JOIN US to Preserve and Protect Freedom

Come to the Nashville Tax Day Tea Party

When: Thursday April 15 at Noon, doors open at 10:30, come early and browse the booths

Location: Nashville's Municipal Auditorium Click HERE for MAP

Phil Valentine, Steve Gill, Ralph Bristol, Mike Slater, and many other great speakers!!

News Thursday March 24, 2010 -

Gibson County Wheel tax Call List

The Gibson County Commission is considering a 100% hike in the wheel tax. They will be voting soon, PLEASE click HERE to display and print a PDF list of commissioners.PLEASE click HERE to display a web page with a list of commissioners. Call your Commissioner TODAY and tell them to vote NO on doubling the Gibson County Wheel tax.

PLEASE JOIN us at a meeting on Tuesday March 30 at the Milan VFW at 7PM to get all the information you need. WTJS's Mike Slater will be there along with members of the Gibson County Patriots and TN Tax Revolt.

News Monday January 18, 2010 -

TnTaxRevolt will help Nashville Taxpayers Recall their Council person if the council person votes for the new Nashville Convention Center.

Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc., (TTR) an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan, statewide taxpayer advocacy group, today offered to help Davidson County Taxpayers recall Council Members who vote in favor of the Convention Center project and the huge, new, associated debt.

“The Members of the Metro Council have no right to put the family budgets of Nashville Taxpayers at risk by forcing them to co-sign this huge, new debt. The economy is in recession and family budgets of Nashville taxpayers are more fragile and vulnerable than anytime in recent memory.” said Ben Cunningham, spokesman for Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc.

See full text of the Press Release HERE

News Thursday Sept. 3 - Please Join us on Friday, September 18, 6PM at Municipal Auditorium in Downtown Nashville for the American Liberty Rally. For more info, go to

News Monday June 15 - Please Join us on Monday, June 29, Noon at Legislative Plaza in Downtown Nashville for Tennessee's next Teaparty, Middle Tennessee Liberty Rally. It is time for the citizens of Tennessee to take a stand against growing federal tax and debt burdens that threaten to bankrupt our family budgets. For more info, go to

News Thursday Apr 2 -
Nashville/Davidson County
Tax Day Tea Party

"...this nationwide tax day tea party will be the most important political event of the new century..."

When: 12 noon Wednesday, April 15
Downtown Nashville, Legislative Plaza, MAP
Who: Everyone and anyone who is concerned about High Taxes, Trillion dollar deficits, and the Loss of individual freedom.
Speakers: Phil Valentine and Steve Gill and many other special guests.
PLEASE come with your family, friends and neighbors and bring your signs and together we will send a message to Washington, DC they will never forget. Ultimately, it is the duty of every citizen to hold our Federal Government accountable for how they use the money and power we grant to them to use on our behalf.

News Thursday Mar 5 -

Giles Home Rule Petition

Live in Giles County? Want better, more open and accountable Government? Go to

News Thursday Feb 26 -

Springfield, TN Bond Protest Petition

Click HERE (PDF) to Display and Print the Petition

The Springfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen just decided to put $3 million of NEW DEBT on the City of Springfield taxpayer's credit card. This is outrageous, the City does NOT need to be borrowing more money when the economy is in shambles. Under TN Law the citizens of Springfield can force a vote on this new debt but time is short.

PLEASE Sign and have friends and family sign and return to the address on the petition. If you need more information call Mike Hollingsworth at 533-5458. All petitions must be submitted within 20 days so it is VERY important to act quickly. Please print additional copies and hand them out at church, at your work and around the neighborhood. Thank YOU.

News Tuesday Feb. 10 - The Giles Home Rule group is hard at work gathering petition signatures to change Giles County to Home Rule Government. Visit their web site HERE. If you would like information about how to convert your Tennessee County to Home Rule, just drop us an email at

News Sunday September 28 -

Stop the Bailout FAX

Click HERE (PDF) to display and print the FAX. Simply enter your name and city and then Fax to the numbers listed on the Fax form to your Representative and two Senators.

News Thursday Aug 28 - Please Join TTR in pledging NOT to vote for tax hikers. We must hold the tax hikers accountable. Please click on the NoTaxHikers logo below and sign up today, thanks.

News Wednesday July 23 -

Spring Hill Bond Protest Petition

Click HERE (PDF) to Display and Print the Petition

The Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Aldermen just passed a huge property tax hike. NOW, they want to burden the taxpayers with an additional $2.5 million in new debt. This is outrageous, the City does NOT need to be borrowing more money. Under TN Law the citizens of Spring Hill can force a vote on this new debt but time is short.

PLEASE Sign and have friends and family sign and return to the address on the petition. If you need more information call: 615-405-2764 or 931-486-1298. All petitions must be submitted within 20 days so it is VERY important to act quickly. Please print additional copies and hand them out at church, at your work and around the neighborhood. Thank YOU.

News Monday April 21 - Memphis Taxpayers: RED ALERT, your already highest in the State property Taxes are going up AGAIN unless you act NOW. Click on Memphis Tax Revolt and take action by sending a fax or calling.

News Tuesday April 15 - RED ALERT for Spring Hill - Ray Williams was one of the most taxpayer friendly Mayors in TN. He worked very hard to reduce the Spring Hill city property tax to ZERO in 2003. He then created and passed a resolution promising the people that a property tax would NEVER be reinstituted without the consent of taxpayers.

Flash forward to 2008 and many aldermen are quietly trying to build support for a property tax. Taxpayers in Spring Hill MUST contact their aldermen. Click HERE to find the name of your alderman. If you don't know who your alderman is then call Mayor Leverette.

News Wednesday March 19 -

Robertson County Bond Protest Petition. Click HERE

to display (PDF) and print the petition. Return to address shown on petition form.

News 2008 - Resources for Tennessee Taxpayers: Tennessee Tax Revolt
Taxpayer Information Center
. Also, here are some TN blogs and websites that have very information useful for Taxpayers: Taxing Tennessee and Tennessee Center for Policy Research

News Tuesday December 4 - Property Tax ALERT for Spring Hill. Call your ALderman NOW. Click HERE for contact information and CALL them now if you live in Spring Hill.

News Thursday November 1 - Oscar Brock, Candidate for Tennessee State Senate, has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising District 10 taxpayers that he will vigorously oppose a State Income Tax. We applaud Mr. Brock for signing the pledge and encourage all General Assembly candidates to sign this pledge. The citizens of Tennessee deserve to know where candidates stand on this VERY critical issue.

News Tuesday August 7 - For contact information for the Nashville Metro Council, click HERE

News Wednesday June 27- Senator Kyle says Tennessee "Home owners should expect and should demand lower property tax payments in the future because their local government will have a smaller obligation on its largest budget item." Click HERE to see an Excel spreadsheet provided by the Department of Finance to see how much additional money your county will receive because of the new BEP forumla and start DEMANDING LOWER PROPERTY TAXES.

News Wednesday May 9 - Dont BURN it, RETURN it. The Knoxville News Sentinel is reporting that WE, the TAXPAYERS overpaid our taxes by $1.3 billion in this budget year. In their words, the "State will have money to burn." This is OUR Money and we should get part of this overpayment back!! We have heard rumors that they are talking about giving less than $100 million back to the taxpayers in the form of a temporary reduction in food taxes. This is UNACCEPTABLE. We have overpaid by $1.3 billion. The refund should be AT LEAST $400 million.

Please act TODAY and Click HERE to EMAIL Speaker Naifeh, Speaker Ramsey, and Governor Bredesen. The General Assembly will be making the final decision on the State Budget in the next few weeks. Make sure the taxpayer's voice is heard. Tell them Don't Burn it, Return it.

News Sunday April 1 - GAS TAX HIKE and this is no April Fool joke, this is testimony from the 3-28-07 TN Senate Transportation Committee. TDOT Commissioner Nicely says we need will definitely need more "revenue" (Read tax increase) and Senator Jackson is more direct and says, "we need to raise the gasoline tax."

News Tuesday March 27 - Join Tennessee Citizen Watch TODAY!!

Please Us Help Monitor how well the General Assembly is using the power granted to it by the citizens.

For the first time in history videos of all House and Senate Floor sessions, House Committee and Subcommittee Meetings, and Senate Committe Meetings are available on the General Assembly web site.

BUT....these videos are absolutely useless unless we the citizens use them to hold the General Assembly accountable.

How can you help? By devoting approx 2 hours per week for the next few weeks to watching YOUR Legislature in action.

Simply choose a committee, subcommittee or House or Senate and commit to watching one video each week.
Email us at and tell us which committee or subcommittee you are willing to monitor. THANK YOU!!

News Wednesday March 7 - Congratulations to Governor Freudenthal and the Wyoming Legislature for completely eliminating the sales tax on food.

Here is the news coverage: Gov Signs Bills

News Wednesday February 14 - Congratulations to Governor Beebe and the Arkansas Legislature for uninanimously passing a 50% cut in the sales tax on food. Not one Senator or Representative opposed this largest tax cut in Arkansas history. Governor Beebe was recently elected and had made this cut in the Arkansas sales tax on food a centerpiece of his campaign. Estimates indicate that the typical family will save $234 each year on their grocery bill.

Here is the news coverage:

Beebe to Sign Bill Cutting Grocery Tax Thursday

Senate OKs Grocery Tax Cut

News Monday January 15 - As you have probably seen in the news media this weekend, Governor Bredesen is seriously considering recommending a HIKE in the Gas Tax. Please act TODAY and Click HERE to EMAIL Governor Bredesen. Tell him we do NOT want our Gas Taxes increased. The tax is already 40 cents per gallon, that is HIGH ENOUGH. That is like buying a postage stamp everytime you buy a gallon of gas. Please act today so Governor Bredesen will have time to make the hard decisions that are necessary to bring the TDOT budget under control. Taxpaying families make these same hard decisions every month with our own budgets and we expect our State Government to make them also. You can also call the Governor: 615-741-2001

News Thursday January 11 - Wheel Tax Petition Drive in Robertson County: There appears to be a pretty good chance that Robertson County (Springfield, Greenbrier, Ridge Top, Adams, Cedar Hill, Cross Plains, Coopertown, and part of White House) will pass a $30 increase in the county wheel tax on Jan. 22 (the tax you pay when you buy your tags). The County Commission could have simply called for a referendum and allowed the people to vote on this tax increase but it looks like that will not happen. So, the only way Robertson County voters will be able to have their voice heard is to gather signatures on a petition. If you live in Robertson County and would like to help, please email us at and we will put you in touch with the folks in Robertson County.

News Wednesday November 8 - Thanks to everyone who helped with the petition drive to place Charter Amendment No. 1 on the ballot. 77% of Davidson County voters agreed that taxpaying voters should be able to say whether they are willing and able to bear the burden of property tax rate increases. Here is the precinct breakdown. Haven't looked at it real close but on first examination it looks like every precinct in the county approved the amendment.

News Tuesday September 12 - We got the amendment on the November 7 ballot, now we have to take the next step and tell EVERYONE in Davidson County to Vote YES, For Ratification of Metro Charter Amendment #1. Click HERE for a PDF file of a flyer that you can print and make copies to give to neighbors, family, co-workers, and church members. PLEASE CALL EVERYONE you know in Davidson County and tell them to Vote YES on Metro Charter Amendment #1 on November 7.

News Monday August 28 - We MADE IT, its official. The Davidson County Election Commission has certified enough signatures so that the charter amendment will be on the ballot in November. The people of Davidson County will finally have a direct say in property tax decisions.

News Wednesday August 9 - Lots of news coverage of our petition press conference yesterday. HERE is the Fox 17 video (highspeed-Windows Media Player)

News Wednesday August 9 - Here is more detailed information on the Migration data mentioned in the Tennessean Article today. Unfortunately, the article did not include the table showing the data.

News Tuesday August 8 - over 15,000 signatures turned in today!! Thanks to everyone who helped and thanks to all 15,000 Davidson County voters who signed the petition. Here is the press release from this mornings event.

News Monday July 10 - We are in the final days of the Davidson County Property Tax Petition Drive, thank you to EVERYONE who has sent in signatures. Please don't let up now, we have worked too hard. Please send in all your signatures and try to get just a few more, thanks!! We need to have them in our hands by Friday Aug. 4. If you can help work early voting for the Aug. Primary please email us at Again, thanks to eveyone for all the hours of hard work.

News Friday May 19 - Very good day at the petition post office box. We are now over 6,500 signatures.

News Monday May 1 - 5,000 signatures in the bank (literally in a lock box). We are at the half way point!! Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard. PLEASE keep em coming, we have worked too hard to come up short now. We have just over 90 days. BE SURE to go ahead and send in any completed petition froms so we can keep an accurate count.

News Tuesday March 28 - 4,000 signatures and counting in the Davidson County Petition Drive!! Friends, neighbors, business associates....they will ALL sign. Please help by printing a petition form TODAY, getting 10 signatures and send it back to the address at the top of the petition form. We need all the help we can get!!

News Friday March 3 - THANK YOU Connie, Bob, Rocky, Robert, Karen, and Tom. We had two great days collecting signatures at the Davidson County Trustees office as taxpayers came to pay their property taxes before the Feb. 28 deadline. Our two day total was 945 signatures!! That puts us over the 1/3 mark of 3,300 but we are still FAR away from the 10,000 signatures needed. If you live in Davidson County, PLEASE HELP by printing a petition (see link at top of page) and gather signatures from friends and family and send them in to the address listed on the petition form.

News Monday February 20 - VERY IMPORTANT new open government legislation. The title is: Sunshine In Government Improvement Act of 2006. Click HERE for more information.

News Friday February 10 - Nashville Property Tax Petition Drive reaches 2,500 signatures. Thanks to EVERYONE working so hard to make this petition drive a success. Click HERE for the press release.(PDF).

News Monday January 23 - "Tennessee needs an income tax"...or so the Editorial Page of the Kingsport Times-News says. The threat of a state income tax is alive and well in Tennessee and ever ready to ravage your family budget.

News Tuesday January 17 - Full disclosure is an absolutely essential part of any ethics legislation. Every citizen of Tennessee must be able to walk to their nearest library, logon to the internet and have the same access to information as the highest paid lobbyist. Speaker Naifeh said in his speech at the beginning of the Ethics Special Session that committee votes were already being recorded. Our study shows very clearly that this is NOT the case. Click HERE for full press release.

The staff and lobbyists already have access to an Internal bill tracking system which lists floor votes. TTR calls on the General Assembly to give citizens the same type of access. Click HERE for the press release.

News Tuesday December 20 - An OPEN LETTER to the Nashville Mayor and Metro Council about the baseball stadium proposal.

News Tuesday December 13 - Davidson County, at $4.04 (GSD) has the second highest county tax rate in the entire State of Tennessee. Only Shelby County, at $4.09, is higher. See all the figures HERE and then click on 2005 Property Tax Rates. If you live in Davidson County and would like to have a voice in future property tax rate increases PLEASE print and sign the petition, THANKS.

News Friday November 25 - Nashville Petition Update: Just happened to check the PO box today because it was convenient. Thought sure it would be empty since it is a holiday weekend but much to our surprise we found this. Don't have a hard count for today but we are easily approaching the 2,000 mark. We have a long way to go and lots of hard work ahead but we have a great start, THANK YOU to everyone working so hard to gather signatures.

News Wednesday November 16 - Nashville Petition update: We now have 1,271 signatures in hand. Thats great for the short start up period we have been working but a long way from the 10,000 we need. We need your help. If you live in Nashville or know someone who does, please display and print the petition and distribute to friends, family, business associates...any Davidson County registered voters and send them back to the address at the top of the petition. THANK YOU to all the hardworking petition volunteers.

News Monday October 24 - Why do we support changing the Metro Nashville Charter so property tax rate increases have to be approved by voters? Click HERE (PDF).

News Monday October 17 - Let the People of Metro Nashville/Davidson County VOTE on Property Tax Increases!! Tennessee State law gives us the right to vote on local sales tax increases.We believe citizens should also have the right to vote on Property Tax Increases. PLEASE Help by downloading the petition HERE (PDF format). Sign and then have your friends, family and neighbors sign (Davidson County registered voters only) and then send them back to the address on the petition. THANK YOU!! We will need 30,000 signatures so any and all help is appreciated.

News Tuesday October 4 - If you are tired of the pork barrel spending, here is an easy way to communicate with Congressional leaders. Send this Get a Backbone!! fax (PDF file). It will just take a minute.

News Tuesday September 27 - Six Ethics Reforms to Restore Trust:

1- Recording and posting all House and Senate floor, committee and subcommittee votes on final action for any bill on the General Assembly website within two hours of the vote.

2- Providing that every bill scheduled for a floor vote for final action be made available in fully amended form on the legislative website 72 hours before the vote.

3- Amending both the Open Records Act and Open Meetings Act so they apply to the proceedings of the General Assembly.

4- Offering video streaming and archiving of all Senate and House general sessions and committee sessions.

5- Requiring FULL disclosure on the legislative website of amounts spent by those that employ lobbyists or spend money to influence legislation and completely outlawing contingency lobbying fees.

6- Prohibiting lobbyists from serving on State boards and commissions.

Read the Press Release Here.

News Saturday September 17 - Senator Raymond Finney shows the way!! Since the General Assembly won't do something as simple as recording votes, he has created his own site to record ALL of his votes. THANK YOU Senator Finney. Let us hope the General Assembly will follow your lead and finally decide to record all votes and put them on the legislative web site. After all they are voting to spend OUR $25 billion. We, the people, should know how they are voting. Voting disclosure must be the first step in any ethics legislation. HERE is his site.

News Friday September 9 - Keep Nashville Growing filed a cease and desist demand (PDF) with the Davidson County Election Commission over a marked ballot and other issues. Here is the cellphone picture of the marked ballot sitting on the table at the election commission. Here is the Tennessean article about the complaint.

News Monday August 29 - Nashville/Davidson County Sales Tax INCREASE referendum early voting ALL this week. PLEASE vote AGAINST this tax increase.

Taxpayers had NO voice in the property tax increase.
Taxpayers had NO voice in the wheel tax increase.

We WILL be able to vote AGAINST this tax increase:

8:00AM - 6:30PM at all 7 early voting sites this week








On Monday March 17, The Robertson County Commission voted to burden Coybty Taxpayers with $70.5 million in debt. Act NOW to put this bond issue on the ballot so taxpayers can have their say. Click HERE to display and print the Robertson County Bond Protest Petition. Get as many signatures as possible and return to the address shown on the lease.

News Saturday August 27 - HERE is a more complete press account of Allen and Fred's verdict. They had a great attorney, Stanley Pierchoski, and he believes this verdict will set an important statewide precedent concerning public access to public meetings. Thanks again to Fred and Allen, we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

News Thursday August 24 - NOT Guilty on ALL Counts. Allen Barrett and Fred Winkles had their first amendment rights restored tonight after a Jury of their peers, after only 50 minutes of deliberation, decided they were NOT guilty of disrupting a Giles County School Board Meeting in February. Thank you to Fred and Allen for protecting the first amendment for all of us.

. More info as we get it.

News Monday August 22 - Allen Barrett and Fred Winkles are retired vets living in Giles County. They were arrested earlier this year for trying to protest what they believed to be an illegal action by the School Board. Allen is the pastor of a local church. They attend many of the county commission and school board meetings. They are taxpayer heros and have been trying to hold local officials accountable for taxpayer money. HERE is the account of the original arrest from the Tennessean. They will have their day in Court this Wednesday Aug. 24 at 9:00AM in the Circuit Court at the Giles County Court House in Pulaski (2nd floor.) Please attend and show your support for Allen and Fred.

News Saturday August 20 - How often does the IRS disclose our tax return data to other federal agencies or state and local governments? Hmmmm.....about 4.5 billion times each year. Sounds about right.

News Tuesday August 16 - Memphis has the highest property rate in the entire state. Despite that the city council recently raised taxes again. Soooo, does this help balance the budget? NO!! Unless and until SPENDING is controlled, taxes will never be high enough.

News Monday August 15 - Most recent Performance audit of the Department of Economic and Community Development (PDF)....."lots of room for improvement" pretty much sums it up.

News Tuesday August 9 - Governor on Steve Gill this morning.(MP3 audio file) Did we miss something? All we are asking is for the Governor to make a clear and simple statement that if re-elected, he will oppose a state income tax as he did in his first term. We will send an email to the Governor and see if we can get clarification.

News Tuesday August 9 - Keep Nashville Growing is a new web site by folks who think a higher Metro Nashville sales tax is probably not such a good idea.

News Monday August 8 - Tennessean columnist Larry Daughtrey says the war against the income tax has been won. Hold on to your wallets, this is a SURE sign it will be back. And the editorial page says its all just a stunt. Probably a good idea to have your mechanic check your car horn and be sure its working reeeeal well. Thou doth protesteth a little too dern mucheth.

News Wednesday August 3 - Look HERE for press coverage of the Tax Pledge News Conference yesterday. We are working on our tax pledge web page and will have it ready in a few days. In the mean time please check out our Taxpayer Information Center, it is the most complete set of taxpayer informational links to be found in Tennessee. Also, for a little walk down memory lane, HERE is the vote from May 22, 2002 when Jimmy Naifeh came within 5 votes of FOREVER burdening the taxpayers of Tennesse with an income tax. Remember, the income tax folks only have to win once, we have to win EVERY time.

News Tuesday August 2 - Help us Kick off the 2006 election cycle Anti-Income tax Pledge Drive - Join us Tuesday, July 2 at 10 AM at the State Capitol Bldg in the Old Supreme Court Chambers

News Monday August 1 - When did we start thinking that government bureaucrats had the right or the wisdom to run our lives?? This article from New Jersey is just another reason to stop the tax eating nanny state...or at least one would hope.

News Tuesday July 26 - When the New York Times and the Washington Post tell you that the federal government is wasting billions upon billions of dollars of our hard earned tax money then it is time to say enough is enough!! Click HERE for the Washington Post article on Medicare, the healthcare program for the elderly. Click HERE for the New York Times article on Medicaid (Tenncare equivalent) the healthcare program for the poor. Fellow taxpayers, it is time for action!!

News Sunday July 24 - Linda Noe is a Hamblen County Commissioner living in Morristown, Tennessee just Northeast of Knoxville. She is a mother of three, former school teacher for 11 years, and recently passed the bar and is now an Attorney. She ran a good old fashioned door to door campaign promising more accountability. Hamblen County is VERY lucky to have Linda. Click here to check out her blog.

News Saturday - July 23 - Putnam County may get by without a tax increase this year, how nice. We would luv, just once, to see this headline, "Taxpayers decide they will not allow their pay to be cut this year, say no to tax increase."

News Saturday - July 23 - Watch out in Hamilton County (Chattanooga). The County Commission is about to cut your family budget.

News Friday July 22 - Horn Honkers turn out in Blount County (Maryville) to remind county commissioners where tax money comes from.

News Friday July 22- This report ought to make Memphis Taxpayers feel REEEEEEAL good about the recent property tax hike.

News Thursday July 21 - Chattanooga taxpayers can take great comfort in these words from the Convention Center administrator after he reported a loss of $558,000, "Compared to other convention centers, we’re not inefficient or losing money hand over fist," he said. "I couldn’t find anyone smaller than we are losing less.".....perfect bureaucratic logic.

News Tuesday July 19 - Before his untimely death, Mayor Ray Williams lead the effort to pass the first Tennessee Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Spring Hill. In a great tribute to his legacy, Spring Hill Mayor Danny Leverette announced yesterday a new city property tax rate of ZERO. The city continues to watch taxpayer dollars like a hawk and this year they came in $350,000 under budget. No wonder Spring Hill is the fastest growing city in the state.

News Monday July 18 - NOBODY likes to pay more taxes but when the increase is approved by the taxpayers in a referendum then the people who will have their pay reduced by the tax increase at least had a chance to have their say. A $20 wheel tax increase was approved Saturday in Hickman County.

News Friday July 15 - "We told you so" is just too easy in this case. Mass transit and Commuter rail have always been blackholes for taxpayer money. The new Lebanon-Nashville Railroad appears to be no exception.

News Thursday July 14 - Sure nice to see a county thinking outside the box, so to speak. Hawkins County is considering buying an existing building for their new jail. There are tons of existing buildings that could be used for jails, schools, and all types of county government uses at great savings over new buildings. Kudos to Hawkins County.

News Tuesday July 5 - Is the recently passed $20 increase in the Metro Nashville Wheel Tax Legal??? Bill Hobbs started the discussion HERE. More discussion HERE and HERE.

News Monday June 27 - We are all lucky to have Rep. Marsha Blackburn protecting the family budgets of Tennesseans. She continues to be a strong, consistent voice for fiscal sanity. Here is what she said about Amtrak subsidies in a recent Commercial Appeal article: "Taxpayers have been bailing Amtrak out for more than three decades. We've reached a point where people are saying enough is enough." Thank you Marsha!!!

News Monday June 20 - PLEASE join us at the Nashville Metro Council Meeting Tommorrow Tuesday June 21 6:00PM at the old Ben West Library building on Polk Ave between Church and Union. Also, PLEASE Call 862-6780 to find the name of your council member or click HERE for a complete list and call them ASAP, thanks.

News Wednesday June 15 - Ethics reform will only be meaningful if it results in a more open, accountable State Government. The burden should not be on us to pry the information out of the General Assembly, the burden should be on the General Assembly to deliver the information to its bosses, the citizens, in a easy to retrieve, clear, simple format. Click here to send an email to demand open/accountable government.

News Wednesday June 8 - TTR Opinion/editorial: Who Represents Davidson County Taxpayers?

News Monday June 6 - Shelby County had the highest net OUT migration in the state from 1995-2000. (Davidson County was right behind in the number 2 spot.) This is Not the time to raise property taxes in Memphis. Click here for press release.

News Thursday June 2 - MORE TAXES FOR METRO: Now Metro Council is trying to raise the wheel tax...PLEASE CLICK HERE and call or they will raise property taxes, sales taxes, AND wheel taxes.

News Monday May 23 - TAX ALERT for Metro Nashville Property Tax Increase. We can stop this tax increase if we act now. Click HERE for a PDF format fax that you can print and send or click HERE for the HTML format of the same fax. PLEASE print and send this fax TODAY and make copies for your friends and neighbors. Click HERE for a full four page action pack including the fax, tax charts, and contact info for all Metro Council members. Why is a property tax increase a bad idea? Let us count the ways.

News Wednesday May 18 - Click HERE (PDF) for out latest press release on Davidson County. Davidson County was only one of eight counties in the entire state where more people moved out of the county than moved in during the 1995-2000 period. A recent MTSU study shows this trend continuing. Only Shelby County had a higher net OUT migration. Davidson county population is stagnating and those who do move into Davidson County have much lower incomes than those moving out. The tax base and the population growth are declining. The answer is NOT a major tax increase. A major tax increase will destroy the future of Davidson County.

News Wednesday April 27 - STOP the Memphis Tax Hike. Memphis already has the highest property tax rate in Tennessee. CLICK HERE for a one page handout with numbers of all the city couuncil members.

News Monday April 25 - HB1133, the lobbyist disclosure bill is coming up again Tommorrow, Tuesday April 26. PLEASE click here and then use our ONE-CLICK-LINK click to send an email to ALL of the committee members and then PLEASE call and leave them a voicemail. This is EXTREMELY Important. We are VERY close to passing this bill!!

News Thursday April 21 - THANK YOU Metro Nashville Council for calling on the Mayor to submit a NO TAX HIKE budget. It took courage for The Metro Council to stand up and be the voice of the taxpayers and TTR salutes you for this action. Click HERE for the text of the resolution. Click HERE for the roll call Vote. Click HERE for the News Channel 5 coverage.

News Wednesday April 20 - Mayor Willie Herenton is proposing a 54 cent property tax hike for the City of Memphis which already has the highest tax rate in the state. He has something to tell folks that might want to leave Memphis to escape the high taxes. Click HERE for audio file.

News Monday April 4 - Only one more day left to take action on the lobbyist disclosure bill. PLEASE print this FAX in PDF format or MS Word format sign it and then FAX it to Speaker Naifeh (fax number is on the form). His support is absolutely critical to the passage of this bill.

News Thursday March 31 - HB1133, the lobbyist disclosure bill is coming up again Tuesday April 5. PLEASE click here and then use our ONE-CLICK-LINK click to send an email to ALL of the committee members and then PLEASE call and leave them a voicemail. This is EXTREMELY Important. Thanks!!

News Thursday March 31 - Bruce Dobie editorializes in Tennessean: NO more taxes for Metro Schools.

News Tuesday March 22 - HB1133 was rolled at the last minute by the committee chairman for three weeks. Apparently they will go to any length to keep this bill from being considered.

News Thursday March 17 - Metro Nashville Property Tax Meeting tonight at 7:00PM at the Shoneys next to the Titans stadium on interstate drive. Click HERE for directions. We will have handout materials available. Please join us if you are interested in fighting the certain property tax increase.

News Tuesday March 15 - ALERT on the Lobbyist disclosure bill, HB1133. It has been mysteriously moved to another sub-committee and will not be considered tommorrow, Wednesday. Somebody decided the bill, which had been assigned to the Elections sub-commitee for a month, was in the "wrong" sub-committee. So if you were planning to come to the meeting tommorrow we are very sorry for the change in plans but apparently we were all just a tad too effective with our phone calls and emails. The lobbyists at legislative plaza must have worked overtime to make this happen. More info as we get it.

News Monday March 14 - Its SHOW TIME - The lobbyist and contractor disclosure bill that we have all been waiting for will be in committee this Wednesday Mar. 16. Please click HERE and contact the committee members ASAP. This is our chance to turn around the state and begin to restore trust in our state government. See Tim Chavez's article in the Sunday Tennessean, Click HERE.

News Friday March 11 - TAX REVOLT, the Book, is now available. CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER. Phil Valentine has written an amazing account of the horn honking days at the capitol. You will love this book if you were there and you will love it if you wished you were there. This is one amazing story.

News Tuesday March 8 - Press Release-Metro Nashville already has the highest Property tax rates in Middle Tennessee. According to an MTSU study people are migrating OUT of Davidson County into surrounding Counties. Any property tax increase will simply cause MORE people to move out and further erode the tax base which will cause property taxes to spiral upwards.

News Thursday March 3 - You think your voice as an individual taxpayer means anything at the capitol? Yea, RIGHT!!! This article from the Tennessean last year lists former office holders and bureacrats and family members who are lobbying. You don't have a chance against these folks. Much of the information is still valid for this year. Here is a list of all current state capitol lobbyists.

News Friday February 25 - Senators Ketron and Ramsey have withdrawn their support from SB0698. Much Thanks to the Senators and all the folks who emailed and called and
Bill Hobbs for his blog post.

News Thursday February 24 - *****Your HELP needed!!***** Please call, email, and fax Senators Ramsey and Ketron ASAP. Tell them to please withdraw their support for SB0698 which abolishes vital taxpayer protections. TN Taxpayers will no longer be able to petition county government to place the wheel tax on the ballot and county commissions will only require a simple majority to pass or increase the wheel tax instead of the 2/3 majority now required. Please act today or we will be invisible to them.

News Friday February 18 - Metro Nashville Property Tax Alert!! The Metro Council will vote soon to take more money out of the family budget of every metro taxpayer. Taxation is very serious business and taxpayers need to be heard. If you can help please email us at HERE and we can send you materials which you can distribute. Click HERE for list of council members or click HERE for a district map. Please send them email and call them or taxpayers will be invisible and our voice will NOT be heard.

News Wednesday February 16 - Good News, Bad News: The good news? The Tennessee House of Representatives has begun posting committee votes on their web site. The bad news? Like the House Journal (the daily record of house activity which includes floor votes) you can't print the information or save it to your hard drive as you can a normal PDF file. Click HERE for the committee list and look for the "Committee Report" icon. Click HERE (PDF) for the only vote list we could find so far. Hopefully, this insulting practice of allowing citizens to view files but not print them will stop soon.

News Monday February 14 - What do you do when two 60 and 72 year old veterans, who have had heart bypass surgery, ask to speak at the Giles County School Board meeting because they believe the proceedings are illegal?? Why of course, you throw them in jail!! Or maybe you just hold the meeting in secret like they did in Whitehouse in Sumner County.

News Thursday February 10 - FREE Vacations to the far corners of the world!!! A new gameshow?? No, just the US Congress getting paid by big corporations, foundations, etc to take lots of trips.

News Monday February 7 - Convention Centers are BAD investments for taxpayers and according to this Brookings study, they are getting worse.

News Friday February 4 - VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE Read and keep a copy for future reference: "The Psychology of Raising Taxes."

News Tuesday February 1 - TTR has awarded Rep. Donna Rowland our Taxpayer Hero Award for her courageous stand on requiring referendums for local tax increases which require approval by the General Assembly. These tax decisions should be made at the local level, not in Nashville by the General Assembly. A big THANK YOU to Rep. Rowland!!

News Friday January 28 - The $10.00 Carroll County Wheel Tax increase passed by a huge margin: 2,261 FOR and 865 AGAINST. The taxpayers have spoken. Congrats to the 1,400 Carroll County residents who signed the petition to allow Carroll County taxpayers to have their say.

News Wednesday January 26 - Funeral arrangements for Ray Williams: Visitation will be 4-8 p.m. today, Wednesday, at Spring Hill Memorial Park & Funeral Home, and one hour before funeral services at 11 a.m. Thursday at the funeral home. Burial will be in Neapolis Cemetery. Instead of flowers, Williams' widow, Maury County Commissioner Cindy Williams, asks that donations be made to the Spring Hill Public Library.

Sad, sad news. TTR friend and Spring Hill Mayor Ray Williams has died of a heart attack just hours after he appeared on a radio show talking about how he was looking forward to retiring from being Mayor. This extraordinary man will be missed by everyone at TTR. He was one of the very few elected representatives that considered himself a representative of the people to government, not the other way around. He was also the first Mayor in Tennessee to pass a Taxpayer Bill of Rights which he believed in very strongly. Our prayers go out to Cindy and all of Ray's family. Click HERE for more info. We will post info about the funeral as we get it.

News Monday January 24 -
Taxing Pro athletes...An income tax by any other name is still an INCOME TAX..."Miller says the three bills are just intended to start a discussion about whether it's appropriate to collect new forms of revenue from some of the state's wealthiest citizens...ok here is the translation, "we want to get our foot in the door by taxing really rich people first, but that is not where the real money is, we will then come after everyone else....we will be coming after YOUR money. More is NEVER enough..."

News Friday January 21 - Dickson County voters approved the Wheel tax increase by a large margin. Thanks to Dave and Cindy Sobota and all the volunteers, Dickson County voters got to have their say on new taxes. TTR supports referendums on all tax increases, not because they prevent tax increases but because they give those who pay the taxes an opportunity to give their consent and "consent of the governed" is what the American Experiment is all about. Thank you Dave and Cindy.

News Friday January 14 - We need your help once again...Please help if you can but MORE IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!!

News Monday January 3 - Yeah!!! GO, Fight, WIN!! Memphis Taxpayers are WIMPS....Yeah!!! Memphis wins the 2005 Tennessee Tax Bowl with the highest Property Tax Rate in Tennessee. Memphis competed with 402 other city and county tax jurisdictions to win this great "honor" for another year!! Memphis taxpayers are crying tears of pain!! OUCH!!!

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